Oletko unelmoinut voittavasi lotossa kuten monet vähäosaiset alakastin suomalaiset? Michael Carroll menetti alle kymmenessä vuodessa kaikki lotosta voittaneensa rahansa eli 9,7 miljoonaa puntaa. Käyttökohteita olivat muun muassa crack-kokaiini n. 230000 puntaa, uhkapelit n. 1000000, huorat n. 100000 puntaa ja biletys n. 300000 puntaa.

Monet lotossa voittaneet katuvat voittoansa ja myöntävät sen pilanneen heidän elämänsä.

After squandering his £9.7million jackpot on drugs and high-living, Lotto lout Michael Carroll is now an alcoholic, a court heard.

Nine years after he famously turned up to collect his winnings wearing an electronic tag, the 27-year-old was in a court again for breaching a community order for drink driving.

Ian Graham, defending Carroll, said the former millionaire is now working as a £75-per-day painter and decorator.

The lawyer explained that his client had missed two probation appointments because he had a chest infection.
He added: 'He is an alcoholic, but he has been very honest about his alcohol issues with the probation service.
'He continues to drink heavily and it has now become far more than social drinking.'

Carroll was spared jail last September after he was caught driving his car while nearly four-times the drink-drive limit near his home in Downham Market, Norfolk.

He was given a 16-week prison sentence, suspended for a year, 120 hours unpaid work and ordered to attend probation appointments and an alcohol programme.

Mr Graham added: 'He has been complying with this order and this is the most technical of breaches. The unpaid work hours will be completed.

'He is now working as a painter and decorator and not troubling the state by claiming benefits. He is back at square one and just wants to be left alone.

We are all aware of his own limitations and that is why he was targeted by so many undesirable people.'
Mr Graham pleaded with King's Lynn magistrates to continue with the community order and not activate the 16 week suspended sentence for the breach.

Magistrates agreed and ruled that the order should continue with an extra five sessions to help tackle his alcohol addiction.

Carroll who admitted the breach was also ordered to pay court costs of £50.
The former dustman arrived at court carrying a holdall bag because he expected to be jailed.
He said after the hearing that he was 'relieved' not to be going back to prison as he was enjoying his new job as decorator.

Carroll said: 'For two years no one has given me a chance, but when this job as a painter and decorator came along, I just had to take it.

'I am really trying hard to get back on my feet, but if I had gone to prison I would have lost this job.'
The court heard how Carroll was brought back to court after failing to provide medical evidence to the probation service within ten days to explain why he missed his appointments on December 15 last year and January 24 this year.

Persistent offender: Michael Carroll from Swaffham, Norfolk is now working as a £75 per day painter and decorator Carroll, who has a string of criminal convictions, frittered away almost his entire fortune on wild parties, cocaine, prostitutes, luxury cars, chunky gold jewellery and cash hand-outs to hangers-on.

He made the lives of neighbours a misery by buying a three acre field to stage demolition derbies in old banger cars behind his former home in Swaffham, Norfolk.

The field was left littered with the remains of dozens of his crashed and burned out cars.
At one stage his antics became so bad that council officials set up a hotline for neighbours to report disturbances he was involved in.

The King of Chavs was finally forced to sell his dream home for a £600,000 loss last August after wrecking it and moved to Downham Market.

Carroll started working as a painter after going on the dole and being told he could not get back his old £200-a-week job back as a dustman.

He has had a string of court appearances for motoring offences and other crimes since his big win.
Carroll was jailed for five months in 2004 after failing to comply with a drug treatment order imposed as part of a sentence for cocaine possession.

He was also given an Asbo in 2005 for catapulting ballbearings at cars and windows from his Mercedes.
Carroll then vowed to turn over a new leaf - but in February 2006 he was jailed for nine months for running amok with a bat at a Christian rock concert. Daily Mail